How can we change our city into a new playground?

Reimagining the Playground



An athletic activity based

on creating movement challenges in the

built environment

City for People-

or Cars?

Our urban areas are designed to accommodate as many cars as possible, not around people.


“Vast areas of urban land currently occupied by parking lots and roads could be reinvented for a whole new spectrum of social functions" like parks, public spaces, and maker spaces.

-Carlo Ratti, Director, MIT Senseable City Lab


Research & Insights

How do they see the urban environment?

"Parkour is a mirror."​​​


"‘A mirror’ that shows your capability at the moment.

You might not be able to do the same move ever again.”

-Julie Angel, A professional parkourer

Parkour LA- LACC session

Repetitive practice

Practicing the movement repetitively 

until they feel confident with certain

skills and movements.


Adjusting, developing basic movements.

"Creative playfulness."

Introverted training

"Parkour is a very introverted practicing in terms of focusing mainly on your mental and physical condition, awareness of the environment."

-Julie Angel

Social training

Sharing movements with others 

to create group dynamics.

Movement as

a 'creation'.

How can

we share it?

How can we implement creative playfulness to the urban environment?