Epson Packaging Redesign

Designing a new logo and packaging systems for Epson's printing solutions, to create

a cohesive and distinct brand identity throughout the products with forms and graphics.

ArtCenter College of Design class project l 2018

(The project has no direct affiliation with the brand)

Current Epson packaging

The use of images and text information feels visually cluttered, busy and lacks clear visual hierarchy. Packagings of each product lines not only lack coherent brand language as a family but also are not connecting with their target generatio

Speed, precision, and detail 

Epson understands the essential factors for unleashing creativity with intention.  

With purposeful simplicity, Epson makes the creative journey more evocative and stimulating. Epson redesigned is an extension of our brand as modern creatives, the tools that empower us to turn our vision into reality.









New logotype

Creating clear visual hierarchy

Fast and easy

Easier on-shelf storage

New introduction 

Epson premium fountain pen

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